Matted Policy

At Lucky Tails, the comfort and safety of your pet are our highest priorities. We understand that sometimes pets can develop matted fur, which can be painful and hide skin conditions or parasites. Our matted fur policy is designed to address these issues while ensuring the well-being of your beloved pet.


 Identification of Matted Fur:

- Upon arrival, our trained groomers will assess your pet's coat condition. However, sometimes it is not possible to assess the condition at the beginning of the session since it becomes more obvious after washing or during the drying.

- If matting is found, we will inform you before proceeding with any grooming services.


Grooming Options for Matted Pets:

1. *De-Matting*: Attempting to de-mat fur can be painful and stressful for your pet. We will only consider this option if we believe the matting is minimal and can be resolved without causing undue discomfort. De-matting can create redness or light scratches due to the constant brushing in the same area.

 Since de-matting requires more time, the service booked/required may change to meet the agenda and respect other client’s appointments.


2. *Shaving*: In cases of severe matting, shaving may be the most appropriate option to remove the mats without causing pain to your pet. This will be done with utmost care to avoid nicking the skin, which can be more likely when working close to mats. Nevertheless, there are always potential risks involved with grooming matted fur, such as nicks, cuts, or exposure to underlying skin conditions. Owners waive liability when accepting the service.


Owner Consultation and Consent:


- We will discuss the condition of your pet's coat and the recommended course of action with you. Your understanding and consent are required before we proceed with any grooming that involves de-matting or shaving.

- In some cases, we may recommend a consultation with a veterinarian before grooming severely matted pets, especially if there are underlying skin conditions or health concerns.


Additional Fees:

- De-matting and shaving require additional time, care, and expertise. If these services are necessary, an additional fee will be added to the regular grooming price. We will provide you with an estimate before starting any work.



- After grooming a matted pet, we will provide you with aftercare instructions to help soothe your pet's skin and promote healthy fur regrowth.


Prevention Tips:

- We are committed to helping you prevent matting in the future. Our groomers can provide you with tips on regular brushing, recommended tools, and a grooming schedule to keep your pet's coat healthy and mat-free.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our matted fur policy. Our goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet while maintaining open and honest communication with you, the pet owner.

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